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Delphiki er et lille forlag, hvor alle titler tæller og fortæller

First of all: So glad you stopped by. Delphiki is a publishing initiative dedicated to publishing titles that really gets you thinking.

Books are wonderful in the most literal meaning in the word. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Delphiki is publishing initiative with the purpose of getting a corner of the vast vault of English language wonders out to Danish readers. Making those readers full of wonders as well, or wonderful readers, so to speak.

In the hunt for wonders, this publisher will go looking where they undoubtably are: In Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Well, moving on. Delphiki is for the time being me, Jacob, a translator of books who wants to explore more deeply into the treasure chest. I love adventures, and Delphiki is another one of those. I invite you to come along on my journey as I explore a world of titles, obstacles, joys, monsters, new friends, and – I'm certain – a few wonders of my own.   

With loads of years’ experience in academia, business communications, as well as in the publishing – granted I’m still young – I do believe that Delphiki will be great fun and is just the right thing to help me getting great stories in circulation among loads of eager readers in Denmark.

Let's get going,


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